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How much does the My Sewing School Resource Pack cost?
My Sewing School is suitable for all English speaking countries – see BUY NOW for the price in your own currency.

Do I have to pay a yearly fee?
No! Once you purchase the My Sewing School resource pack, it is yours forever.

Do I have to have an internet connection to run My Sewing School resources?
No. However, an internet connection is required to download your Resource Pack initially. If you’re reading this on your computer, then you’re all set to BUY and download!

I’m not sure about running my own business.
The Operations Manuals that comes with the My Sewing School resource package is HUGELY comprehensive and really does cover ALL you need to know to set up, fill and launch your own clubs. Enrolment forms, health & safety, keeping financial records and more – we’ve included all the business stuff too!

How do I know what to teach and what to make?
Our comprehensive Teaching Manuals cover absolutely everything you need to know about teaching children, plus how to teach Teens and Adult courses. You can follow our course guides exactly or make up your own schedule. We even give you a Class-by-Class breakdown for each Level or course theme so you know what you’re doing at EVERY single class, plus supplies lists for what materials to buy for each Level!

Where would I run my clubs?
Adult courses on daytimes/evenings and weekends can be run at home or in a local hall, and you can run your kids/teens Sewing Clubs after school and on weekends at home, in a local hall, and also in local schools (usually they give you a room for FREE!), plus Holiday Clubs. We show you HOW to find the best locations, and how to approach schools in our Operations Manual. We even include covering letters, venue checklist forms and more to make the job easier!

Will people still pay for these kinds of classes in these tough times?
Sewing and craft has never been more popular, and with people returning to the “make do and mend” attitude of old, parents are so keen to have their children learn these useful life skills, and more adults than ever are searching for local sewing classes. Demand has never been higher!

How much could I make?
That depends what you would charge in your area, and our manuals give you plenty of information on how to price your courses.

With up to 8 children in a class and low overheads, the earning potential is fantastic.

Adult classes are even more profitable, where you can offer full day “Sewing Machine Skills “ courses …with 6 adults per course you can easily make more in one day than a whole week of other kinds of part-time work! Plus, it’s FUN!

Is this a franchise?
NO. You’ll be running your own business, your own way. Our unbranded resources just make it EASY for you to get started !

Frequently Asked Questions about the Kids Teaching Curriculum:

What are the Skill Levels and certificates for?
To get you started, we created 6 Levels (each lasting from 6-8 weeks, depending on your needs). You can either follow these exactly or use our resources and projects to create your own courses or Levels. We’ve even included blank Certificates for Levels 1-6 to give each pupil at the end. Kids LOVE a Certificate!

Should I supply all the materials at my classes?
The materials you need for each project is covered in depth in your Teaching Manual so you can plan way ahead and have all your fabric and project samples ready – it’s up to you, but we find that supplying all the materials for your classes is a HUGE plus for parents who don’t have the time to run around buying up supplies for their child.

This would be covered in the prices you charge. Alternatively, you can ask your pupils to bring their own supplies. The choice is yours.

Can I also teach teens and adults?
Yes. We’ve actually included plenty of resources and course ideas to assist with Teens and Adult classes, and Holiday Clubs/Summer Camps, so that you can decide whether you wish to use those to help you teach other age groups, or do your own thing. Your Teaching Manual also includes ideas and tips for running Teens, Adults and Summer Camps.

Do I have to also buy sewing machines?
Not necessarily. If you decide to only offer hand sewing classes, you can tailor your projects to only include these – there are plenty. However, if you do decide to also teach sewing machine skills ( there are also tons of these projects ) we recommend you set up one machine for each pair of children to share i.e 4 machines for a class of 8. So you would need to buy up to 4 machines. This allows you to safely supervise and instruct on the machines. You can use the fees you make from your first term to buy the machines, so no more money to spend before you launch! We provide tips and advice on the best machines to buy in your Operations Manual.

What if I buy the My Sewing School Resource Pack, but then decide I can't use it?
We’re pretty sure you’re going to be blown away by the sheer quality and amount of resources we offer for such a small price. Because the entire resource pack is supplied to you at the time of purchase, it means you can use it right away, so I’m afraid we cannot accept returns.

Will the resources work on my Mac?
The resources in your package are supplied to you as Word, pdf or Jpeg files. There are various free downloads that should allow you to run these on a Mac. Please check first though before purchasing as we cannot refund once you have downloaded.

Is the My Sewing School resource pack available in other languages besides English?
At this time My Sewing School is only available in English.

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